Why buy: Why should association executives hire product development consultants?

Association professionals are typically well-versed in responding to current member needs and focusing on value add for membership. Associations need consultants who understand the unique structure and function of their organizations, and also have outside expertise in for-profit business, product development, and marketing strategy.


Why buy now: Why do associations need to focus on non-dues revenue now?

A new generation of professionals has entered the workplace, and these individuals do not value membership in professional associations compared to their predecessors. Associations need to create non-dues revenue streams now to continue to grow and remain relevant.  


Why buy now from me: Why hire me?

I have extensive experience in working with associations and launching web/mobile-based applications. My knowledge of design thinking and product strategy can help you create products and services that will give your association a competitive edge. I have the skills and experience you need to get your association up to speed and ready to compete in this fast-changing industry.

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